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How often does a dated bath or kitchen drive home buyers away?

Often enough, say real estate agents.

Real estate agents say even the least experienced home buyers pay attention to three features: the roof, mechanical systems, and the kitchen. Try selling a house with a seriously dated kitchen or bathroom and two things happen,  The house stays on the market longer, and you get less money for it than you would for other houses in the same neighborhood. Often a lot less.
"Ninety percent of the people who look at that will be discouraged from buying it because they see a cost there. Buyers seeking a fixer-upper are few. Most want everything finished.

How many estimates do I really need?

Only one if you are comfortable with your remodeling contractor in getting the job done to your satisfaction and price.  These days just getting an estimate is a task in itself.  Trust is very important in choosing a construction company!  One of  the biggest myths today in remodeling is that you need three estimates.  Find a contractor you can build a relationship with.
Do I really need to Permit my Project?

Absolutely! Permitting makes sure that your project is being built to National Building codes. City inspections could be viewed as an insurance policy. Inspections of the work performed insure that the project is being built for your safety. Run from contractors who imply that you do not need a permit. Some of the excuses they give are: The project is too small for a permit. Permits cost too much money or slow the completion of the project down. 
When you are caught 'Boot Legging' the project your home will be Red Tagged! All work will be immediately halted. If you needed architectural drawings to acquire permits and you don't have them your project could be put on hold for months. You will pay double permit fees and possibly pay a hefty fine. You will also be asked to remove all or most of the work so that the covered work can be inspected.  In short: It's not worth the trouble of looking over your shoulder. And the truth of the matter is the Permitting Office is on your Team to ensure a properly built, energy efficient and safe home!

What is Design Build Remodeling?

Design Build Remodeling is a system of contracting under which one company performs architectural/engineering designs, bidding and construction under one single contract.  As the customer, you are the most important member of the design-build team.  Your wishes and ideas drive the design, materials, selection and budget.

What are the benefits of choosing a Design Build Remodelor?

Early knowledge of “Firm Cost”

Guaranteed construction costs are known far earlier than in other delivery systems.  The Design Build Remodelor is responsible for design while simultaneously estimating construction costs.  Decisions can be made during the design of the project based on cost rather than a design.

Cost Savings

Design Build Remodelors bid projects daily.  They know the cost to build a project therefore they can point out to the client what is involved and evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately while achieving the same end results.  Rarely are there hidden costs after the project has started.

Getting a Professional Design

Design Build Remodelors draw your plans to City Specifications.  The design will be approved and stamped by a qualified engineer if needed, and will include; electrical, plumbing, structural detail and elevations of the exterior and/or interior.


With both design and construction in the hands of a single entity, there is a single point of responsibility for the quality, cost and completion of your project. 

How do I select a Design Build Contractor?

Here are some key things to find out from a contractor before making a selection;

How many years has the Contractor been in the industry?

How long has the Contractor’s company been established?

Is the Contractor properly insured?

Does the Contractor provide design services and if so, are they In-house and designed to City Specifications, ready for permitting and approval?

How many Design-Build projects have they completed?  What size were the projects?  Did they Permit the projects?

Do I need a licensed contractor?

Absolutely!  It is illegal in the State of West Virginia to perform construction and remodeling projects residentially or commercially without a license.  Many of these unlicensed persons have discovered very cunning ways to "beat the system" and ultimately beat you out of your money.  The industry has labeled these individuals as "Jack Legs".  Watch out for them.  Contact the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board to find out if the person on your project is licensed.  You may also access the information on the States Division of Labor Web Page.

Why are some contractors estimates higher or lower than others?

For an established contractor, who has been in business for ten years plus, theyhave basically proven their ability to sustain itself in the contracting business world.  Meaning...they comply with the states requirements of obtaining licensure, paying workers compensation, unemployment compensation and providing decent wages to its employees.  River Valley Remodeling, LLC does not pay its employees "under the table".  Stay away from those who do not comply with the states requirements.  Obviously for a contractor who pays these legal fees, the cost of the project is higher.  Those that work out of their truck or garage are generally non-compliant, pay their unskilled worker illegally, and may not even perform or complete your project according to state code specifications. 

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